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Sharesniffer – Network Share Sniffer And Auto-Mounter For Crawling Remote File Systems

Sharesniffer – Network Share Sniffer And Auto-Mounter For Crawling Remote File Systems


sharesniffer is a network analysis tool for finding open and closed file shares on your local network. It includes auto-network discovery and auto-mounting of any open cifs and nfs shares.

How to use
Example to find all hosts in network and auto-mount at /mnt:

python -l 4 --hosts -a -m /mnt


  • Python 2.7 or 3.5
  • Linux or macOS
  • Nmap in PATH
  • Nmap scripts (.nse) in PATH (on Linux/macOS they are usually in /usr/local/share/nmap/), if you don’t have the ones required are also in the rootdir of sharesniffer.
  • python-nmap (pip install python-nmap)
  • netifaces (pip install netifaces)


$ git clone
$ cd sharesniffer

CLI Options

usage: [-h] [--hosts HOSTS] [-e EXCLUDEHOSTS] [-l SPEEDLEVEL]
                      [-n] [--nfsmntopt NFSMNTOPT] [-s]
                      [--smbmntopt SMBMNTOPT] [--smbtype SMBTYPE]
                      [--smbuser SMBUSER] [--smbpass SMBPASS] [-a]
                      [-m MOUNTPOINT] [-p MOUNTPREFIX] [-v] [--debug] [-q]

optional arguments:
-h, –help show this help message and exit
–hosts HOSTS Hosts to scan, example: or
(default: scan all hosts)
Hosts to exclude from scan, example:,
Scan speed aggressiveness level from 3-5, lower for
more accuracy (default: 4)
-n, –nfs Scan network for nfs shares
–nfsmntopt NFSMNTOPT
nfs mount options (default: ro,nosuid,nodev,noexec,udp
-s, –smb Scan network for smb shares
–smbmntopt SMBMNTOPT
smb mount options (default: ro,nosuid,nodev,noexec,udp
–smbtype SMBTYPE Can be smbfs (default) or cifs
–smbuser SMBUSER smb username (default: guest)
–smbpass SMBPASS smb password (default: none)
-a, –automount Auto-mount any open nfs/smb shares
Mountpoint to mount shares (default: ./)
Prefix for mountpoint directory name (default:
-v, –verbose Increase output verbosity
–debug Debug message output
-q, –quiet Run quiet and just print out any possible mount points
for crawling
-V, –version Prints version and exits

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