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Lama – Tool To Obtain A Custom Password Dictionary To A Particular Target

Lama, the application that does not mince words.
Lama is a GNU Linux tool to generate a word list. The goal is to obtain a custom password dictionary to a particular target, whether physical or moral.
It is therefore important that words in this list correspond to the target.
Keep in mind that Lama generates a simple password list and not complex, the goal is to be fast and targeted rather than slow and exhaustive.


Note that the make install must be run as root, because the binary was copyed to /bin and configurations files to /etc/lama.

make install


make all


make re

Note that the make uninstall must be run as root, because the binary was removed from /bin and configurations files from /etc/lama.

make uninstall


make clean


make fclean


First, you must create a words list with personnal infomations about the target. Then, you can use lama to mix your given words list:

lama 1 4 /tmp/list -ncCyh > /tmp/dico

For more details, see man lama

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