hushcart, the Internets best kept secret

About HushCart

Hello and Congratulations!

You found us, well done, its a great start and things will only get better.

I’m Alexi, founder of HushCart. Let me quickly tell you about us. HushCart started off as a favour to a friend who wanted some help with a website, then more help finding suppliers… after several more favours and helping do this and that, I decided I may as well reuse all the work I had done to setup something that would be fun and interesting for myself and for anyone else.

HushCart, In a Nutshell…

I found several wholesale suppliers and factories supplying all kinds of stuff, clothes, electronics, toys… you name it. I was shocked at the mark up conventional stores set, and it didn’t really get much better for the online stores. I thought that was pretty sucky tbh… Nobody likes getting ripped.

So, I decided to use my skills and get this website running, providing one product each week, just for a week.

HushCart is integrated with social media. The idea being we use the power of the Internet and social media to do the following:

  • Provide some cool stuff at wholesale prices
  • To give stuff away in competitions
  • Have some fun doing it all

So, that’s the plan.

Simple, right?

  1. We use our own website, Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus as our platform.
  2. We make a small percentage on each item sold, that way the savings are passed on to you.
  3. You get a great deal, so do us a solid and tell your buddies to come join in so we can sell lots of items at a small profit and make all the effort worthwhile.
  4. The more you share us, the more ‘perks’ you’ll get in coupons and savings

We’re developing and improving this site every day, but its all about you guys really. Drop us a line, we want your feedback.